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Welcome to

We are Currently at level 18
Lets do our best and increase our rank.
The sooner we get to Rank 20 the sooner we have our airship.

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Gorgonola, Jan 28, 12 1:31 AM.
Make sure you keep your characters up to date on the webpage. You never know if there will be an award coming your way. 
So in short, If you want to get that Bronze, Silver, or Gold medal, you'll update everything you can :) Also with these awards may come some "special" bonus IN GAME awards. Could be anything from plat to some nice expensive item. Lets do our best to show the rest of the guilds on Khyber why WE are the best.  

Updates on our Guild Crafter

Gorgonola, Jan 27, 12 6:59 PM.
These are the current crafting Levels of Gorgonola. 

Arcane ~ 65/150
Divine ~ 68/150
Elemental ~ 70/150

I still will need Greater and Lesser Essences and any extra Collectables you wish to give to the pot. All guild members will receive FREE Crafting services. 

Also I will be adding guild Ranks to the website. This is to let everyone know who can do what and it will also end up showing who is on our Counsel. As of yet we have just Alanyx and myself making major decisions for the entirety of the guild. I would like to be able to include our membership in all decisions. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU BE ACTIVE IF YOU WISH TO BE ON OUR COUNSEL. 

Thanks Gorgonola


Gorgonola, Jan 14, 12 1:10 PM.
It's pretty simple to go into the House Kundark Crafting Halls and start making shards. But it takes a lot of time and patience to build your levels up to the top end, where you start getting the good mods. So as I continue my climb up those crafter levels, I find it increasingly difficult to get the essences needed. Therefor I am putting it plainly out there that, I NEED ESSENCES. The better I get in crafting the better the items I can make for our guild. I am also in need of all the "collectibles" I can get (I do NOT need coins). If it comes down to it I will even pay you a nominal fee for these items. As of today I am at levels -Arcane~49 -Divine~42 -Elemental~42. Hopefully we can all work together to get these levels up, as it helps everyone in the guild. 
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